Star passwords in build log for a custom build step (possibly by adding password configuration parameters from Java)

Hi again,

We would like to be able to star passwords out in the build log for a custom build step.

If I use:

<props:passwordProperty name="${PROPERTY_TARGET_CREDENTIALS_SQL_PASSWORD}" className="middleField"/>

in my edit runner params jsp for a custom build step, it'd be great if TeamCity could automatically star out that password in the build log just as it does for password configuration parameters.  If that's really not possible, then I guess we'll have to add a password configuration parameter, so knowing how to do that in Java would be great...

We tried to work out how to add a configuration parameter to the build configuration with the spec password display='hidden' (which is easy from the web interface), our problem is that we wish to do this from Java and the Parameter class does not provide a way of setting the spec - only the name and value.



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We working to extend and allow use of typed properties in runner settings.
Please vote for:

The only workaround for now is to create a typed parameter, and select type - password there.
Passwords replacement will replace all password occurences in the build.


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