Which TagLibs of the TeamCity Server can be considert as part of the openAPI?

Hi there :-)

I'm currently working on a TC plugin which comes with a new project tab. So far no problem :-)
After a deeper look into the open source plugins mentioned in the online documentation I saw the use of teamcity taglibs like props etc. But sadly I don't fount a documentation about it.

So my question is: Which taglibs can be considered as part of the openAPI for safe use for upcoming versions of TC and is there a documentation available?
Along with this I saw the use of a special javaScript object BS as well. Which leads me to the question: Is there a JS-API and is a documentation available for it?

Hope somebody could answerer my questions.

best regards

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Historically, taglibs are not part of open API (that means we do not describe changes in the tags and do the changes when we found it convenient for our codebase). Some of them should probably be, but not yet.
At the same time, you can use them: you only risk the need to check and update the plugin with every new TeamCity version.


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