Setup IntelliJ IDEA for TeamCity plugin development

This is a thread to hopefully get me, and some of you, started with TeamCity (TC) plugin development. The biggest barrier to entry into TC plugin development right now is the knowledge base isn't linked into the TC documentation in a way that makes it easy to find what you need. I decided to use IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition (the IDE) to develop my plugin on Windows. Here are some things you should to do so you can use the IDE effectively for TC development.

  1. Download and install the IDE from here (
  2. Download and install the Java Platform (JDK) from here (
  3. Use this help article to setup the JDK for use with the IDE (
  4. Install a TC server on your development machine (I highly recommend using the same version as you have on your production server)
    • You'll use this TC install to develop and test your plugins (see article in step 5 on how to set TC server PATH in your plugin)
  5. Use this help article to get started with some sample plugins (
    • You may need to use the help article from step 3 to configure the JDK for use in sample projects that use older versions

Hopefully this information is useful (and correct). If there is something linked incorrectly or just outright wrong please let me know so I can fix it.

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