How do I add a build to queue for a specific branch via REST API?

I've found very little information about this but what I have found has led me to this.

A GET on
will queue a build for that configuration.

I'm using Git for my source control and need to be able to queue builds for different branches. I've tried using:
but it just queues a build from the default branch and adds a parameter named branch to the build.

I've read through the documentation found here but found nothing useful.

Any help would be appreciated.


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REST API does not yet support builds queuing. action.html way is not part of REST API.
Your current option is to emulate the request sent by the browser to the sevrer when user sumbits custom build run dialog with the branch selected. You can capture the request to be able to emulate it. However, that is not part of open API (can change in the future versions).

BTW, can't you just use feature branches without manual triggering?


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