Set "quiet hours" for build agents


We're using the cloud integration to build in AWS and have encountered two things:

  1. If a developer is working late and checks something in, we fire up a build runner to just do that one build and waste a clock-hour of time doing so. Is it possible to write a plugin to basically suspend agents for a period of hours to avoid the cost?
  2. Since AWS works on clock-hours, I wrote a quick utility to parse the instance logs and noticed that the cloud manager doesn't really respect this, with quite a few agents shutting down under 15 min into the clock hour. Is this something can could be extended with a plugin, or should we put in a feature request to have the cloud runner adjust the idle period based on the clock hour?

I'm not looking for in-depth dev guides here just wither either of these are possible with the plugin model and a basic direction of where to start researching for either.


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