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When a build is interrupted / finished unexpectedly, it is re-added to the queue setting the BuildState to 'UNEXPECTED_FINISH'. How can I listen on this event and get the next build that is added to the queue?

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Hi Deniz,

at this time there is no simple way to detect such an event, please watch/vote for

You can detect builds re-added to the queue using following code:

  public class Listener extends BuildServerAdapter {
    public void buildTypeAddedToQueue(@NotNull final SQueuedBuild queuedBuild) {
      TriggeredBy by = queuedBuild.getTriggeredBy();
      String reAdded = by.getParameters().get("unexpectedFinishCounter");
      if (reAdded != null) {
        //build was re-added after unexpected finish

Hope it helps.

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