Creating a plugin to change Administration UI

I am trying to add a tab in the Administration section of TeamCity. Actually there are no more tabs but from what I have read that should not matter when trying to add a new section. I have tried the example within the documentation using the AdminPage class modifying it for my purposes:

public class TSettingsAdminPage extends AdminPage {

  public  TSettingsAdminPage (@NotNull PagePlaces pagePlaces, @NotNull PluginDescriptor descriptor) {









  public boolean isAvailable(@NotNull HttpServletRequest request) {

    return super.isAvailable(request) && checkHasGlobalPermission(request, Permission.CHANGE_SERVER_SETTINGS);



  public String getGroup() {




I marked the text in red showing what changes I made. I build the plugin and place it in the Team City data director and restart the server. But I don't see a new section after "Plugin List" called "TSettings" which is a link to the helloWorld.jsp page. I am at a point where I just want to see a change to the admin screen now. Anything!


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I've created the same extension and in my case it works. Please check if spring config creates a correct bean, maybe it is trying to create a class with an old name. Also check if teamcity-server.log contains any errors regarding your plugin.


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