Bean build not found within scope


I've been trying to create a custom tab for the build results. I want to access some of the build's details and parameters. After looking in buildDetails.jsp from my local TeamCity installation I tried the following in my tab's JSP page.

<jsp:useBean id="build" type="jetbrains.buildServer.serverSide.SBuild" scope="request" />

But at runtime I get the following exception:
ERROR -   jetbrains.buildServer.SERVER - Error java.lang.InstantiationException: bean build not found within scope while processing request: GET '/buildLog/viewLog.jsp?buildTypeId=Abc_Abc&buildId=1&tab=redGateTeamCityBuildUtilitiesTab', from client, authenticated as david, original page URL: /viewLog.html?buildTypeId=Abc_Abc&buildId=1&tab=redGateTeamCityBuildUtilitiesTab
java.lang.InstantiationException: bean build not found within scope

How can I best get access to information about the build from my JSP?

I would like to access the name of the build agent and the checkout directory.

Any help much appreciated!


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Hi David,

Try adding the bean inside fillModel method of your extension.
Also, if you extend BuildTab, "build" should be present in JSP model.

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Thanks for you reply. I was about to post a solution.

Your colleague Maxim replied to an e-mail I sent and suggested I change the bean id to "buildData". This seems to have fixed my issue.

Thank you everyone. :-)



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