NTLM authentication with TeamCity Visual Studio plugin?

I´m using the latest version of TeamCity 8.1.2 (build 29993), Visual Studio 2012 Professional with Update 4 and the latest version 8.1 (build of the TeamCity plugin for Visual Studio.
TeamCity is configured to use NTLM authentication (HTTP authentication module NTLM HTTP is enabled). The automatic login to TeamCity using the Internet Explorer is working perfectly, i. e. no browser login dialog is shown. However, if I try to login from within Visual Studio 2012 by means of the TeamCity Visual Studio plugin I have to enter the password the user has defined on his user profile in TeamCity (under My Settings & Tools, tab General) rather than the user's domain password.

So my question is: Is NTLM authentication possible with the TeamCity Visual Studio plugin, too? If the answer is yes then if have overseen something and I appreciate your help.

Kind regards,

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Hi Marcus,

NTLM login is not supported for Visual Studio Addin (nor for other IDEs). You can add Windows Domain authentication module in TeamCity Authentication settings - this will allow users to enter either their password configured in built-in authentication or their domain password on TeamCity login form and in IDEs.


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