Transform build log from command line runner (again)

I am trying to solve the same problem as in this old thread from 2010:

In other words I have a "command line" build script (batch file), which performs multiple steps, the largest of which are to run MSBuild on some VS solution files.  For various reasons, I cannot simply combine them into one big MSBuild job or split them into separate TC projects.  But I would like the output from MSBuild to be properly highlighted etc. in the TC build log.

In 2010, using some unspecified old TC version, the unofficial solution (unsupported, subject to change etc.) was to add the following switch to the MSBuild command line (after importing the build properties into the shell environment):


However under more recent TC versions (currently using 7.0.3 build 21424), this option results in an error message about the object not being in the current DLL (under that name).

Do anybody know the updated syntax/value for TC 7.x and 8.x ?

I am not using NUnit, the TC property name just happens to mention nunit for historical reasons.

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Further testing under TC 7.0.3 (build 21424) indicates that the following shortened option works for that build:


However, I still wonder about other 7.x and 8.x versions.


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