Hosting a static help page

I am looking for some pointers: I want to add a help popup page (using the question mark icon that's used elsewhere in TeamCity to indicate a help page) for certain fields of my plugin's settings. What would be the best way to implement this? One way is to use a URL pointing to my own website, but I would like to avoid that, because of the user experience. Is there an easy way to include a static HTML page as part of the plugin? How would I know what the URL to this page would be, in order to link it correctly in the parent page? Alternatively I can add a JSP page and a controller, but it seems way overkill for something so simple.

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Hi Pieter,

Sorry for the delay in replying.

You can place any file (only if no ".html" extension) in the plugin's resources and it will be available via direct URL.
For .html file you will need to register a controller and render HTML via a JSP file.

You can get the path under which a resource is available via PluginDescriptor.getPluginResourcesPath("hello.jsp") call.
(see from the sample plugin for exact usage example)

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No problem at all. Thanks for the response.


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