Why aren't some Teamcity libraries deployed to Jetbrains Maven repository?

Hi! I'm developing a plugin for Teamcity with Maven and really suffer from the fact that some required dependencies like com.intellij:openapi or jetbrains.buildServer.clouds:jclouds-shared or jetbrains.buildServer.clouds:cloud-interface are not present in Jetbrains Maven Repository. Is it possible to deploy these versions for Teamcity 8.x series?

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Ideed, we had an issue with com.intellij:open-api dependency in 8.x branch. It was fixed in 8.1.4 - you can update your teamcity.vertion and get it all set. Or you can just add following artifact:


As to cloud API, we are working on making it available in upcoming 9.0 release. I will check if it is possible to publish it for 8.x branch as well.


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