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   I am working on a plug-in to integrate with an external display of the progress of changes through our build-pipeline, an 'Information Radiator' kind of thing.

I can get at all of the data that I need from the SBuild object model and its composed objects, but I can't find the commit message associated with a change. The TC user interface displays this info, so it is clearly part of the internal object model. Am I missing something? I assumed that 'CommitMessage' would be a property of a VcsChange or VcsChangeInfo, but it isn't there.

Is there a way to find a commit message, that was added at the time of commit to the VCS, from the model presented to a plugin?

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Hi Dave,

A bit late reply but if still actual: you probably look for SVcsModification.getDescription(). VcsChange describes an individual file change within a change list.


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