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We're currently working on integration between Jazz scm and TeamCity. We've managed to create TeamCity plugin for both server and agent. So far we've made server plugin to work with jazz server including project configuration and connecting to jazz repository. Unfortunately we have some issues connected with agent implementation. It looks like TC can see it and can turn it on but none of its methods is called. We're throwing exception in every single overriden method there but TC keeps returning successfull builds.

Currently our agent code override following classess and methods:

public class RtcScmSupport  extends jetbrains.buildServer.agent.vcs.AgentVcsSupport implements jetbrains.buildServer.agent.vcs.UpdateByIncludeRules2

  • getUpdatePolicy
  • getName
  • getUpdater

public class RtcScmUpdater implements IncludeRuleUpdater

  • process
  • dispose

Is it all we should implement to make TC agent working? Any help would be really appreciated.
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Hi Wojciech,

> We're currently working on integration between Jazz scm and TeamCity

That is great! We have heard of several not-yet-public RTC suport plugins for TeamCity and eagerly await when they become publicly availble.
Just curious if yours is one of those or a new one... Would it be possible to know the name of your company? You can contact us via to keep the communications private if you want.

For agent-side support, please check you implement both methods as described at:

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Hello Yegor Yarko,

Any updates in the integration between Jazz scm and TeamCity?

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We have no nearest plans to release support for RTC as JetBrains offering. On the other hand, I've heard from several of our customers on custom RTC plugins they've developed.
However, AFAIK none of them has released anything in public despite our suggestions to do so.

I'd suggest to contact IBM with the question of integration with TeamCity or ask if anybody can share their plugin in the related issue.


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