Symbol server storage location

Hi everyone,

We have existing symbol storage server where symbols are published using symstore tool. Additionally server runs IIS to allow accessing symbols from Visual Studio using http URL.

Year ago we bought Team City and migrated our build system to it. Everything works great and we are really glad to use it. The only issue we have with Symbol Server plugin. Plugin stores symbol files on same server where TeamCity runs which is not acceptable for us for the next reasons:

  • We have existing storage hosted by different server which has own http url.
  • This server has own back up rules.
  • Less severe, but we would need to copy all existing symbols to teamcity server...

For these reasons we are still using command line build step which calls symstore.exe tool directly to post symbols files to our existing symbol server.

There are poor documentation about how Symbol Server plugin works and there is no setting in its UI which could allow to set custom path to symbols storage. So our questions are next:

  • Does Symbol Server plugin internally store symbols in same format as symstore.exe tool?
  • Can storage path be changed using some configuration files or it is hardcoded into source code?
  • Do you plan to add ability to configure storage location path in future builds if currently it is not possible?

I will appreciate you for any answer.

Vyacheslav Putsenko |

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