How to create a build runner to run a external command and translate the output messages to the TeamCity format.

Hi all!

I'm developing a build runner for teamcity to translate the FinalBuilder output.

- FinalBuilder have a comand line (FBCMD.EXE) for running the projects.
- I built a java application to run the FinalBuilder command line and translate the output to TeamCity format.

My headaches:
- The examples and documentation for creating builder runners plugins is very weak.
- It's possible to pass variables to the FinalBuilder project, I need to load the project and read the variables for customizations.
       -  I have that class already in java, but can't see how to do this in the plugin.
       - The FinalBuilder project is in the repository, how can I find it for read it.

Please make an simple example to answer this questions, not only for me but for all community. This is a recurrent problem.


Thanks in advance,
Pedro Lopes

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It's a bit hard to answer this question in general, but I recommend taking a look at some existing plugins. For instance, FxCop plugin looks like a good candidate:

Have a look at agent part of the plugin:

The class FxCopBuildService can serve as a good example of how to start external process. Basically you need to provide command line to TeamCity, and TeamCity will handle the rest.


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