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Hello guys.
I'm inexperienced in plugin development, so trying to find help here.
I need a new tab in the project settings page and implement some entire project-specific behavior on it. When i'm talking about "project settings", i mean page with "General Settings", "VCS Roots", "Report tabs", etc., and i would like to add new tab right in that place. Where should i start from? Thank you very much!

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Hi David,

You can start by using the bundled  sample plugin "samplePlugin-src.zip" package present in <TeamCity Home Directory>\devPackage\samplePlugin-src.zip. Follow the steps to build and deploy the sample plugin here at https://confluence.jetbrains.com/display/TCD9/Bundled+Development+Package#BundledDevelopmentPackage-SamplePlugin

Add the below bean to create a new tab "New Project Settings Tab" under Project Settings in the "build-server-plugin-samplePlugin.xml' after extracting the source.
Create "ProjectSettings.jsp" under <samplePlugin-src\resources\buildServerResources> for the view once you click the button.
Build the plugin and deploy to see the TAB.
<bean id="sampleProjectTab"
 <property name="placeId" value="EDIT_PROJECT_PAGE_TAB" />
 <property name="tabTitle" value=" New Project Settings Tab" />
 <property name="pluginName" value="samplePlugin" />
 <property name="includeUrl" value="ProjectSettings.jsp" />



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