Is there a plugin for obtain the release status

i have to obtain the release status to extend my code to send email because of my code aren't able to send email with SMTP.

so i just need a plugin which could get the release status(build failed/ build success .etc)

i found in before but not result.

Thx a lot.

ps: please reply the plugin url under or send it to my

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Hi Chris,

You can get a status of the build via TeamCity REST API, like curl utility call:
curl -u username:password http://teamcity_url/httpAuth/app/rest/builds/buildType:(id:build_configuration_id)/status
Where username, password and build_configuration_id are the custom values from your installation.

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Hi Yegor,

i write a console program in c# to request the TeamCity REST API, to get the build also the changes and status.

just the method you say.



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