How to customise build status message on overview page using service messages


My goal is to update the build status on the overview page using a service message from a build runner. I'm new to service messages and I cannot get this to work.

I've attached a file to show which status message I mean. Normally it says Success but I need to customise it.

So I have a build process that implements jetbrains.buildServer.agent.BuildProcess. I've implemented the call() method that return a BuildFinishedStatus. It works great, I can write to the log using BuildProgressLogger. However, I don't know how to set the build status message on the overview page.

I've found a documentation here:
That sounds like exactly what I need. It says of service messages that "In order to be processed by TeamCity they should be printed into standard output stream of the build".

I tried a couple of approaches within the call() method, like:

String statusMessage = String.format("##teamcity[buildStatus status='%s' text='%s']", "SUCCESS", "This is some custom text");


...and various others but status message remains "Success" at the end of the build.

So what do I need to do to proceed? Anything on the server side as well? Anything GUI related?

I appreciate your assistance,

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The service messages are meant to be a transport between the build process and TeamCity, so you can just print the line from within the build script.

To change the build status from within a TeamCity plugin you will need another approach.
For agent-side plugin you can use BuildProgressLogger.logMessage(DefaultMessagesInfo.createTextMessage("<service message here>"))
For server-side plugin you can use ((RunningBuildEx)runingBuild).setBuildStatusDescription

What are you trying to implement? If you are looking into reporting build failures, you might add problem instead of directly modifying the build status text.

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Hi Yegor,

Thanks for your reply, I'll test that approach.

The build runner is a web load tester and we'd like to show a summary message instead of just "Success", e.g. "Success: response time: 20ms, failure rate: 5%."



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