Is there a way to override the web form for a notificator's user properties?

I am working on a notifier plugin. My plugin has 2 user properties. When the plugin is registered with these properties, teamcity automatically creates text fields for users to fill out when navigating to the plugin's tab in the notification settings area.

Screenshot (company name removed):

My question: would it be possible to have a dropdown box for the user role input instead of a text box? If so, how? I've been following other plugins as guides so pointing me to a plugin which accomplishes this would be perfect :)

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There is no way to customize the controls on the user's notifier tab, but you can create a custom UI on a separate tab under user's profile to configure the settings and leave the notifier tab just to the notification rules configuration (if you need that at all).

Example of the custom UI on user's profile tab can be seen in

BTW, can the plugin you are creating be of value out of your organization? If yes, it might make sense to make it open-source.

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Hello again Yegor, thanks for the response.

That's a shame that the UI is not customizable - I will consider creating a custom UI for it if I find it doesn't involve too much work or if users complain about the lack of a drop down. If I'm not mistaken the UI doesn't need to be in a separate tab right? PlaceId has a "MY_SETTINGS_NOTIFIER_SECTION" that looks like it will appear in the notification settings tab.

As for making it open source, this is not a very generic plugin and will probably get integrated with other in-house services/systems. I don't think there would be any value in open sourcing it.


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