Problem building solution when some dependent projects are in another location....



The images supplied have the string in the blurred out areas for privacy purposes and represented as XXX in all textual representations. I have also posted this on SO which describes the same problem, but the description may be clearer if the one below isnt.

What I am trying to do is build the slnXXXPlatform solution. This solution contains projects that are specific to it (in the red box) as well as projects from another solution slnXXXShared (in green box). The Visual studio solution looks as follows:


and on disk we have at a top level:

When I build this in Visual Studio it all works. However when I build the same slnXXXPlatform via a build action on TeamCity (TC) then the solution fails because it cannot find say XXX.Extensions. What I don't understand is why this is the case because XXX.Extensions is included in slnXXXPlatform solution.

What am I missing here? Or how do I work out exactly what the build action is building and where it is placing the output of that build when the Agent runs?



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Hi Donovan,

On stackoverflow you wrote:

>when all the files are placed in the file system for use by the agent they are placed at the SAME LEVEL by TeamCity

The files should be checked out on disk the same way as they are stored in VCS. Do you have any checkout rules configured?
Could you please try to run the same build via command line on agent machine in the checkout directory using MSBuild.exe? Please follow the guidelines. Does it run successfully?

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Hi Alina,

Thanks for the nudge. I finally figured out how to configure my VCS roots so that I could selectively check out what I needed and get the destination directory structure as needed. A simple newbie mistake.

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Thank you  for the update! Glad that issue was resolved!


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