Build Triggers with boolean capability


I'm interested in having the capability to have TeamCity build triggers with boolean capability.  Here is a scenario where I would find it useful:


A build is scheduled to run a 7pm EST every night and will trigger only if any of the following is true:

   - There were source code changes detected in any of the vcs roots

   - If any of the dependent builds were triggered. That is, it needs files from 4 other builds. If any of builds change, then this build should run.

The reason for the 7pm time condition is that there is some manual QA involved.  We would like the tested build to be ready at the beginning of the person's day so they can do some manual QA.

We also don't want multiple builds to run throughout the day as it would create too much churn.  A daily build is sufficient.

Is there a way we can do the above with the existing version of TeamCity?



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You could increase the overall brittleness of the system by having the 4 base builds commit into the QA repo as their last step. That way a schedule trigger that builds only if new changes will suffice. Not elegant, but ought to work.


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