Conflicting agent requirements in build chain


I have a snapshot dependency between two build configurations, which have the same source VCS root.

One of the builds must run on a linux machine. When it's done, it should deliver its linux binaries as artifacts.

The other build must run on a windows machine. When it's done, it should deliver its windows binaries as artifacts.

I have an agent requirement on the first build configuration restricting it so that it can only run on linux build agents.

When I add the snapshot dependency on the windows build configuration, it adopts the linux build configuration's agent requirements, which of course means that it's impossible for the second build to ever run, because it MUST NOT run on a linux agent.

What is the right way to set up these build configurations so each source checkin runs on exactly one linux agent, followed by exactly one windows agent?

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False alarm. There was a meta-runner build step in the windows configuration, and that meta-runner was (incorrectly) establishing the unwanted agent requirement.


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