Build chain sometimes stops before completion

Hi all,


we have set up a Teamcity environment running builds in different projects. As there are projects that referencing other projects we set up snapshot dependencies to build up the build chains. We also have multiple build agents so all dependencies are configured to run on the same build agent as the main build was triggered. Its usually running fine when the builds are triggered by the system (via code checkin). But if we start a build manually, the build chain stops somehow after building some of the dependencies. The queue shows me that there are no compatible agents. If I force the rebuild of all dependencies on a manual Build request then everything runs fine.

Is there something we probably missed?


Hello Frank,

Please click on "No agents" link in the build queue. What reason do you see in the Incompatible agents column?


Hi Alina,

it shows "No compatible Agents" and when I click on "More details" it lists both possible BuildAgents under Compatible agents


What about builds up the chain? Are they also compatible with all the agents (e.g. see the ticket How exactly did you manually start the build?


All depending projects in the chain can be build on both agents. And the whole chain is building fine when I force the dependencies to rebuild. But I don't like to rebuild a dependency when there is no need to do this. It's just not working when I hit the "Run"-Button.


Could you please provide us with example? Please attach screenshots illustrating the issue and teamcity-server.log.


Here you see some screenshots:


Hanging build requests in build queue:


Processed queue: 

teamcity-server.log (reduced to the log entries for this build request):


Could you please click on "No agents" link for Dep6 build and attach screenshot of the page? On which agent did the build with id=3895 run?
Also what TeamCity version is used?


here is the screenshot

I found out that build 3895 was built on BuildAgent2 but the build chain was triggered on BuildAgent1. So there must be a problem by checking dependencies regarding the build history. The agent, where the previous build was running on is not considered for the decision if it needs to be rebuilt or not. And then the dependency is missing on the selected build agent and the whole chain stops working.

Teamcity is installed with version 9.1.6 (build 37459)



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