Using the Xcode runner with a specific Scheme name


Hi there,

I'm setting up TeamCity to build our project for iOS. It's a slightly odd situation where the Xcode project is generated by the previous build step (Unity). 

I want to use the "Scheme-based" build as it makes generating an ipa easier (as far as I can tell), but the problem is that the "Scheme-based" setting seems to rely on TeamCity analysing the Xcode project from VCS. Since in this case it's a generated project, it doesn't exist in VCS, and there doesn't seem to be an option to manually specify the scheme name (rather than letting TC populate a drop-down and choosing from that).

Does anyone know a way around that? Is there some config file I can edit to hack around the problem for now? Can I suggest a "Specify Manually" option for the scheme setting for a future version of the Xcode Runner?

Any help would be much appreciated,


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Hello Rod,

Thank you for the feedback. We know about this problem and have an issue in our tracker about it Please vote for it.

As a workaround you can manually edit "<TeamCity Data Directory>/config/projects/<ProjectID>/buildTypes/<BuildTypeID>.xml" file. Also you can use REST API to create/update build configurations.




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