distributed parallel activities in TeamCity and more


I would like to know if it is possible to implement the below:
1. build (compile) a code in cross-platform agents (e.g: the same code to be compiled in windows and Linux in parallel within the same build).
2.does Teamcity support running distributed tests in a "pre defined test agents" ? we would like to run all tests of unit tests (of mstest) DLL files or all tests in a gtest (Google's) exe file or more (several gtest files) .
3. enable/disable build agents in real time - the build flow will "decide" which agents should continue to be active in order to run the next build steps.


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Hello Shani,

1. You can create separate build configurations to run on different agent and use snapshot dependencies to archive sources synchronisation. See the section for more details.

2. TeamCity can run any command line, if this command line runs distributed tests, then it can be used in TeamCity too; but if you want to see test results in TeamCity, you'll need to gather results from all test runs somehow and publish them to TeamCity using one of the supported formats.

3. You can use cloud integration to provision/remove additional build agents on-demand. Another option is to use REST API.


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