Using Mercurial VSC: Repository is updated to old revision instead of tip

I have %RepositoryName% variable in Mercurial repo path.

We use Repository per branch approach, so sometimes I pull from one repository and sometimes from another, but changing RepositoryName.

Recently when I switch repository, TeamCity clones the branch correctly, but updates it to an old revision instead of Tip revision.


Is there a way to reset it or see how it happens?




I've also seen this happen without changing the variable value.  I was just hunting around if anyone else is experiencing a similar problem, sounds like they are.


Hi guys,

Could you please point out what TeamCity version is used? Also please attach screenshot of VCS root settings and Change log tab and teamcity-vcs.log file.


I am using 9.1.6 (build 37459).  I haven't done change to another repo in a while because of this issue, but if it happens again I will send the info.


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