Automatic pull request's aren't running


We currently have two TeamCity sites up and running - one is production and one is a duplicate of that in a testing phase on another server.  The site on the test box won't automatically build pull requests, which means it won't automatically build anything else as the other jobs are triggered by those pull requests being built. 

The test site doesn't seem to even be identifying changes to the repositories, even though when I test the connections in the VCS root screen it shows successful.  Also the main VCS root screen shows "checked at 9:03", etc., which I'm assuming indicates that it checked Github at that point in time.  If I click "Changes" at the top of the test site it's not updated or in line with the current prod site.  Also, if I go to manually kick off a pull request build by clicking the run button and selecting the changes tab - that build branch drop down isn't up to date either (it's outdated from when we took a copy of the TeamCity site).

There isn't anything in the logs that would indicate what the problem is.  I'm sure I'm missing something somewhere, but not sure where to look at this point as the broken site is an exact copy of the working site.  I have Git installed on the new server as well.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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This is fixed now.  It was due to a permission issue on the ProgramData\JetBrains folder.  You'd think the correct permissions would be applied during the install process?  Or at the very least there'd be a useful error indicated somewhere.  Weird.  Anyway, all good now!  

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Hello Matt,

We have the related requests in our tracker:, Please vote for them.
Sorry for the inconvenience.


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