Artifacts Web Server - "welcome-file-list" configuration


We publish artifacts on TeamCity folder with a simple configuration:

Something like:

xxxxx/wwwroot/** => wwwroot

The main problem is that we are not able to configure "welcome-file-list" on web.xml and add "index.html" file.

We found two different web.xml files on windows platform:




But new configuration dosen't the main question is:

how to configure "welcome-file-list" on TeamCity Artifact web server?




Hi Diego,

Could you please describe your use case in more detail? Why do you need to configure "welcome-file-list"?


Hi Alina,

we use teamcity to build a web app, after the build we public web app as artifact.

Actually the web server doesn't have "index.html" in "welcome-file-list" plus we need to automatically load few json file as "index.json"  on few mock paths....and again we have to add "index.json" file in "welcome-file-list".

So the main question is how to configure "welcome-file-list" on TeamCity Artifact web server?

So thanks.



Any news here?

Please it is really important here to find a way to configure correctly teamcity.

I found that artifacts are served by "repository/download/" controller so i think we cannot modify the web.xml configuration file to configure welcome file list.

am i right?


Thank you for the details. Do I correctly understand that you want to deploy your application inside Tomcat used by TeamCity?
It's not recommended and not supposed to use the same Tomcat for TeamCity server and for custom web apps. The usual approach is to build artifacts using TeamCity and deploy them to a separate server. 
Actually TeamCity is a continuous integration server and not an Artifacts web server.


Thanks Alina,

you are correct, TeamCity is a continuous integration server, but it is so flexible and we also need a way to "protect" our artifacts.

I think it will be a really plus to have a feature like "welcome file list" also for artifacts...considering the increase of web app...just think about a more complex Report Tab web app for example.

What do you think?



You can include third-party reports in HTML format as Report tabs in TeamCity. See how to configure it: Will it meet your needs?


We already developed few custom tabs in HTML format but now it is really difficult to continue without have the possibility to change welcome file list. I mean we have to change all links generated and so on.....


There is no logic to use index.html/etc. when serving artifacts of a build in TeamCity. We have a related request in our tracker, please vote for it and see the comment for details. 


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