Start new console from build


Hey there,

I am trying to start a .exe program from the build runner, but I don't want it to run in the teamcity console, I want a brand new console that runs independently from the current build. So far I have tried a few things without any success.

Tried with a powershell script:

$ErrorMessage = "POWERSHELL ERROR"
try {
  Write-Output "About to start backend"
  Start-Process Program.exe
  Write-Output "Started backend"
} Catch {
  Write-Output $ErrorMessage

Tried starting a new console with this command:

Start Program.exe

I'm starting to wonder if it's even possible.

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Hello Yann,

Do you run agent as service? Please try to start agent via command line, for more details see the section.

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Thanks for the answer, this is exactly what I needed !


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