Database migration error

Dear TeamCity support!

We are using TeamCity Enterprise 8.0.3 (build 27540) with open source license. We have the following warning:

"The server currently uses the internal storage engine. The internal database size has reached the warning level of 417.16 MB. To achieve better performance and reliability, switching to a standalone database is strongly recommended."

so we've decided to move our database. However we encountered multiple error messages like:
"SQL query: select max(proc_id) from cleanup_history
SQL exception: S1000 General error java.util.NoSuchElementException in statement [select max(proc_id) from cleanup_history]"

In addition, in clean up section TeamCity tells us:
"Last time clean-up took: no data"

which is not true. Probably, the cleanup_history table is broken. Is there any way to solve this problem and move the entire database? Of course, build configurations and projects are the most important, but build history is also important for us.

Thanks a lot,


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Hello Andrey,

Looks like database is corrupted. We do not recommend using an internal database as a back-end TeamCity database in a production environment. An external database is usually more reliable and provides better performance: the internal database may crash and lose all your data (e.g. on the "out of disk space" condition). 

Do you have a backup? Please restore from the backup and migrate to external database.


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