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I'm having trouble getting the configuration I want to use set up, so maybe somebody here can point me in the right direction.
My projects are mostly ASP.NET MVC web applications
My hope is to do a Continuous Build triggered at check in that will build the debug and release configurations and leave the compiled site files along with the transformed web-config as the artifacts. I could then deploy the artifacts using one of two other builds with an artifact dependancy using a standard file system deploy.
At the moment I've got the continuous build working but it always builds out as a web-deploy zip file.
I'm very sure I know how to configure the publish jobs using artifact dependancies once I can get the initial build working the way I need it to. Anybody have any advice on how to configure this build properly.

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Hello Michael,

Please see the related blog post. If it's not what you're searching for, then please provide more details and describe your current setup.


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