INFO / ERROR/ WARNING log messages - What determines these lines?

Hi all,

If anyone can point me in the direciton to how TC determines if a line in a build log is info / error / warning.

Python script output

Within a python script I am running as a command line, "python", I use the following:

    ch = logging.StreamHandler(stream=sys.stdout)
    logger = logging.getLogger()

I presume, since I am outputting all content to stdout then TC just picks everything up as an info message?

Further, I would possibly need to output as stderr to actually register error output.

Unity3D Log output

Unity3D builds that I've scripted use a Makefile with many customisations to the normal build process (hence why I don't use the Unity3D plugin).

I use tail -f logfile & within the Makefile to keep a watch of the log. However the TC build log seems to incorrectly mark certain lines as errors.

I presume this is actually a mix of the process throwing warnings / errors and this getting overlaid on the tail output?

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