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I have been slowly getting into DevOps and CI/CD and starting to look at different productions. TeamCity comes up a lot. We are starting on a new project and the goal is to be 100% cloud based along with zero VM's (no IaaS).

One thing I noticed about TeamCity is there is only an option to download and install, which means we would require a VM (multiple for HA,DR).

Another company called CloudBees runs Jenkins as SaaS which can integrate with Azure.

I was wondering if anyone knows if TeamCity has the same ability or is it coming? Since the goal is Zero VM's this is something we are looking for a CI/CD SaaS solution.


Hello John,

Unfortunately at the moment there is no hosted TeamCity available. We're working towards a hosted version of TeamCity, and hopefully we'll start offering this service soon.

At the moment we have hosted TeamCity for open source projects You can find more information about the project at this link


What kind of projects you want to build on hosted version? Is it Java / .NET or anything else?

It is possible to run TeamCity server on Azure/AWS as well. Yes there are maintenance costs, but they are probably smaller comparing to maintenance of projects / build configurations, user accounts, etc. Also with hosted version there is a little chance to have some custom plugin installed and you loose control on product version, which can be important in some cases.




Hi Alina,


"We're working towards a hosted version of TeamCity, and hopefully we'll start offering this service soon."


Any updates on this at all?


Hello Simon, 

At the moment we do not provide hosted TeamCity and cannot provide exact plans. Please note that we released TeamCity server docker image, so you can easily install TeamCity e.g. in cloud platform. 


Hi Alina,

Is there any realistic time-frame for completion?

Knowing it will give our Pros & Cons Analysis some arguments to counterbalance those in favor of changing to an alternative CI product.


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