Very slow git labelling

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to use the "Labeling CVS" feature as a build feature. I'm using Git. After my build is successful (and was pretty fast), the labeling can take up to 20 minutes before the tags become finally available in the Git repo.


Any ideas? See the following logs:

[2016-01-27 08:15:20,018] INFO [rmal executor 5] - jetbrains.buildServer.VCS - Labeling VCS root "ssh://" {instance id=411, parent internal id=81, parent id=Backoffice_Ftk_PerformRelease_SshGitGitPriv8dCom58676ftk, description: "ssh://"}@1e5927475c27f3e8c85eb72267252893f661032f for build Running build bt149 on solic4-agent7, build id: 102095
[2016-01-27 08:36:10,345] INFO [rmal executor 5] - ers.vcs.git.GitLabelingSupport - Tag yyy-223=1e5927475c27f3e8c85eb72267252893f661032f was pushed with status OK for (/data/cloud/TeamCityData/system/caches/git/git-2EE445E8.git, ssh:// in 1238799ms

Thank you


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Hello Jeff,

It's a known bug, please vote for it. 

Currently you can install a new version of git-plugin. Please let us know if it makes labeling faster.


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