Can TeamCity be used to build from a directory/folder without VCS (using Bat file trigger)?


We are using PTC repository for our projects, for which there is no TeamCity plugin. Does TeamCity support triggers from a batch file? In that case, we can have our mechanism of checking for updates and triggering builds.

In this case, TeamCity would need to build from a folder location, not a VCS. Is this supported with TeamCity? I could not find any option for the same (I am new and may have missed something, though).

Thanks for the help :)


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Hello Jinay,

You can create build configuration with no VCS root attached and checkout sources from VCS in the first build step. For example you can use Command Line build step and clone PTC repository the same way as via console. 

The build process is started in the Build working directory, so if not additionally specified the sources will be checked out into the folder. As next build steps you can execute needed build script in the same directory.

You can trigger build from batch file using REST API.

Please note that in this case you won't be able to use many of the TeamCity features, such as Changes view, Triggers, Snapshot dependencies and so on. The recommended approach is to developer a TeamCity plugin.


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