Is it possible to run the "Symbol Files Indexer" build feature before a "NuGet Pack" build step?


I am trying to create a job that builds a .NET solution, then indexes the pdb files using the "Symbol Files Indexer" build feature and finally publishes the NuGet package containing the pdb using the "NuGet Pack" build step. However, I cannot find a way to run the "Symbol Files Indexer" build feature before the "NuGet pack" build step.

Do you have any suggestions or alternative approches?

Thank you in advance,


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Hello Julien,

Currently indexing of pdb's published as a part of nuget package is not supported. We have a feature request:, please vote for it.
At current workaround you can configure the second build configuration, that downloads indexed pdb's and publishes them as NuGet package.
(copied from support ticket)


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