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We use the command  line runner to execute a vbscript that does some database operations, then some  file operations, and then tries to run some shell comands to affect PVCS.  The  script has been written so that it can be run manually, with a switch changing  logging from normal to teamcity service messages.  The script works on the  command line, but fails from the command line runner.  The executables are in  the path, and running the failed commands (as output in the log) manually  works.

Team city and its  agents run as the teamcity user.  This user has been given full control of the  repository directory (mapped as v:\pvcs) and a temp work directory (d:\build).   I really need help here - trying to work out why this command fails from inside  teamcity.

Kind regards,

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Hi Thomas,

  Please make sure that the script works OK if you login as teamcity user.

  Please also provide the build log with the exact error.

  You may also try running build agent not as a service but via agent.bat script and see if this will work.

  Kind regards,

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Attached is log output from running the script on the commandline (20090225_1046_SIT_oasisprebuild.log) and from TeamCity(Prebuild_and_SQL_TESTALL_-_Release_2009.1_-_SIT_30.log).  The box is currently logged in as the teamcity user.

The script is attached to my previous message, but here is a slightly newer version with _minor_ differences.

Also attached are some screenshots showing logged on user, permissions on directories and accounts used to start services.

Would really like to get this runnig as the service - part of how we sold TeamCity to the uppers was that things run as a service, plugging into our existing monitoring and control infrastructure.

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Do you use network drives?
Could you please check mounted network drives are available under service.
Frankly, it is not recommened to use network mapped drives from service.
Could you please consider using UNC paths instead.
Any way you may call 'net.exe use <drive> \\server\share' from your vb script


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We found the mapped drive to be the source of problem. Investigating further on the mapped problem and trying to switch over to UNC. Thanks.


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