What's the proper setup to prevent building the trunk when committing to a branch?

I've got TeamCIty set up almost to my liking for now, but the one issue I have is that when I commit my code to a branch, it rebuilds my projects that are in the trunk.  Is there any way to prevent this from happening?  One potential problem (but I'm not positive) with my SVN configuration is that I have trunk, branches, tags, and third party external libs at the same level.  In order to build, I have to have extlibs checked out, but then I think this is problematic because TC will detect when I've committed to my branch.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

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    Given that you have a SVN repository like this:

   I'd recommend to create VCS root with path

   _and_ use checkout rule like
   +:trunk => .
   +:external_library => ext_library

   In this case, changes made in branches won't be detected. You can do pretty complex things if you use checkout rules (you can also exclude some paths).

  Hope this helps,

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Thanks!  I will start reading up on checkout rules now so I can learn more about them.

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worked great!    thanks!


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