Using Configuration Parameters in Agent Requirements

I'm trying to set up two similar Test configurations that differ just by the agent requirements they have (I want one to test with IIS7 and another with IIS6, for example). I've created a template, and added a configuration parameter, IISRequiredVersion, to it. Now I try to use that parameter in the Agent Requirements, so I've added a requirement that system.Agent.IISVersion (a system parameter I've added to my agents) equals %IISRequiredVersion%.

I've supplied values for the configuration parameters in the configurations that use the template, but TeamCity doesn't seem to be substituting the values of the parameters when it tests the agent requirements. In the Incompatible Agents section I see

Unmet requirements:

  • system.Agent.IISVersion equals '%IISRequiredVersion%'

Should this work as I expect. Or should I just put the appropriate values directly into the Agent Requirements in the derived configurations?

Using TeamCity 5.1.2.

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Property references are not yet supported in agent requirements, so you will need to specify requirements in the build configurations and without using %- references.

Here is a related issue: TW-5909


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