TeamCity runner type (want maven 2 and maven 3 concurrently)

I'm upgrading a few of my projects from maven 2 to maven 3, and I'd like to keep some projects building in maven 2 while others use maven 3 to avoid all or nothing.

I would like both "Maven 2" and "Maven 3" to appear in the build type drop down.

Is there a way to have concurrent versions of the same runner type, in this case maven, in TeamCity 7.1.4?

I would like to avoid the following work arounds:

1) Using separate build agents for maven 2 and maven 3
2) Using build parameters (e.g. environment variables) to switch between maven 2 and maven 3
3) Using the command line runner type or some other level runner to specify maven version
4) Upgrading TeamCity (not an option for me now)

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Hello, when you select Maven runner you can choose what particular Maven to use Maven2 or Maven3 or default (agent's M2_HOME). I don't remember whether 7.x had this functionality, but 8.0+ definetely does.


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