AccuRev plugin problems


We are currently having problems getting the AccuRev plugin to work with TeamCity 4.1 and AccuRev 4.7.1. There are 2 separate issues one of which we worked around both are documented below.

  • When creating a new build configuration. At step 2 create a new VCS root and setup to use the accurev plugin. Pressing the test connection button generates the following error "Index: 0, Size: 0". The full error from the log is attached as error1.txt. Although the test failed we could proceeded and create a new build configuration.

  • After the project has been created and the project.xml files have been written on the TeamCity server we get a different error. "Unable to find the last transaction ID!". Again the full error log is attached as error2.txt. This appears like an initial case error as this is the first time AccuRev has been used on this machine there are no previous checkout of the data.

Has anyone else had these problems, or is currently using the AccuRev plugin.



Could you please submit these requests to our tracker?


I have added this to the tracker as requested.

Additional info,
This bug seems to be related to streams which have no commits against them. i.e. All the code in the stream was inhereted from the parent. As soon as a commit/promote is made to the stream the plugin starts to work and checkout data.


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