Multiple repositories?

What if one project is stored in several VCS repositories?
Our is in 2 different SVNs
first SVN - our project occupies 4 "paths" within one big (shared with other projects) svn. That is, not all changes to this big repo are interesting, but only changes that we do (any changes related to files with sertain "prefixes" in their paths)
second svn - we have different user names there, different passwords (boo..) and it has different access protocol (http vs svn for first one)
But it's still one project - just different modules in different places
any change in these repos should trigger the one build...

Can I do that with team server ?


Hi Igor,

Surely, TeamServer supports several VCS roots for a single project (even from different VCS). IDEA project uses Perforce as a main repository and many SVN roots for plugins, which are checked out into the main Perforce module. You can specify an optional relative path for internal subprojects.

Kind regards,


An example in the default install of how to set this up would be most helpful. Particularly so since this is a serious differentiator from a lot of the open-source competition.

--Dave Griffith


It turned out to be even more complicated.
We have different accounts in different SVNs, for historical reasons. In team server, user name is configured for all svns. Can account names be configured per repository instance? Also, parameters like "perforce user" can be irrelevant if there are no perforce repositories at all. Can it be shown for instance only if there are perforce repositories configured?


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