TeamCity, build 1438, is available

Hi everyone,

Several notes about this EAP build:

1. IDEA plugin for TeamCity (btw, this is official name of the product) is now bundled with TeamCity
archives and can be downloaded from the user settings page
2. This IDEA plugin won't work until next EAP of Demetra is available (this should happen July, 11)
3. ! After the upgrade you'll have to manually fix jabber-config.xml and email-config.xml files to
renew settings of smtp/jabber servers. Sorry for inconvinience
4. After a long delay we've updated public server so you can see the latest build in action at

New features in this build:

  • TW-252 Remote build and deferred commit access via "Commit Project" panel

  • TW-455 .exe installer for build agents

  • TW-126 Enable Code Coverage via Web

  • TW-423 Clone/Copy build configurations

  • TW-229 Edit Build Agent properties in Swing window while installation

  • TW-315 Windows service for build agents

  • Show number of "new" failed tests on the overview page while build is running

Most significant bugs:

  • TW-291 Test erroneously marked as 'already fixed'

  • TW-316 Problems with expandable/collapsible blocks on page reload

  • TW-518 Condfiguration messed up when edited with multiple browser windows/tabs

  • TW-484 When build was stopped manually, responsibility disappeared

  • TW-502 Perforce support does not use client view while applying patches.

.. and various usability and performance improvements.


With kind regards,

Kirill Maximov
Software Developer
JetBrains, Inc.
"Develop with pleasure!"

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