VCS connection failure, can't recover

I've already filed a bug about this
but my server is completely stuck, so I urgently need a workaround please.

The problem seems to be that somebody on our team did a checkout with a
longer-than-average commit message (284 characters to be precise). Now
TeamCity is complaining that there is a truncation error with column
DESCRIPTION and won't do anything. I tried launching builds manually
but no joy. The troublesome commit was several revisions ago now, is
there some way I can force TeamCity to ignore that revision, or some
other workaround?

Thanks for your help,

PS Search key
Data truncation: Data too long for column 'DESCRIPTION' at row 1

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OK for anyone else who runs into this, my workaround was to widen the
relevant column:
ALTER TABLE vcs_history MODIFY DESCRIPTION varchar(300);



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