code coverage trouble: RPC failure

I'm having no luck getting code coverage reports to work.

From snooping in the logs, everything seems to work (emma instruments classes, generates coverage.em and files), but then I see the following:

*emma ctl: coverage.dump: RPC failure while executing
Subsequently TeamCity does not find coverage.txt or, and no coverage report is produced.

This is using TC 1.1.1 (build 1730), running on Solaris.

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Hello Johannes,

It looks like a bug.

May I ask you to do the following:
- try to install TeamCity with the same project configuration on Windows or Linux and check whether the problem persist (in fact, we don't support Solaris officially)
- Enable debug information on the build agent (
- Reproduce the problem
- File a bug request in Jira and attach buildAgent/logs/teamCity.log file for your build, content of your build.xml file (if possible)

Thanks in advance,

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Just wanted to mention that TeamCity 1.2 solves the problem.


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