TeamCity and server virtualization (VMWare, etc)

I have briefly looked at the TeamCity OpenAPI. I expected to see a set of interfaces and/or base classes guiding the implementation of a new BuildAgent or Runner. Unfortunately, I'm having trouble quickly discerning the relevant interfaces/classes. I can't even seem to find wiki content or other documentation demonstrating how to create custom build agents and/or runners.

My real interest is to see if there is an obvious hook allowing one to extend a build agent to switch in various VMWare images based upon the desired build environment.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

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I'd love to see an example custom build runner as well. In a perfect world, opening the source to one or more of your build runners and notifiers as a "dev kit" would probably be a good idea, for the same reasons many of the recent IDEA extensions have been released as open-source plugins.

--Dave Griffith

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It's nice idea about VMWare integration, though it is not easy to implement.
I'd appreciate if you file a Jira request on how do you envision this feature at

And definitely, that requires much more work than can be offered by the current OpenAPI.

We'll try hard to provide documentation for our Build Agent OpenAPI and code examples
for them by Agra release.

With kind regards,


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