Agra, build 3654, is out


Highlights in this EAP:

  • Visual Studio plugin: support for remote run for Team Foundation Server

  • Popups for failed tests and artifacts everywhere

  • Initial work on IDEA plugin redesign

  • Improved UI for build agent page

  • View code duplicates on the Web (see Duplicates runner)

Happy building :)


Kirill Maximov
JetBrains, Inc.
"Develop with pleasure!"

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Finally got the manager to agree to go to Agra from 1.2 because he wanted web-diffs this morning. Very nice. Especially like the plugin rework (death to modal panels!) and the duplicates runner was a hit as well. Web-diffs are clearly the big win here, though. Twenty seconds working with them and it's difficult to imagine how I ever lead a dev team without them. There seems to be a lot of scope for TeamCity to become an indispensible tool for dev managers/leads, even beyond it's coolness for individual devs. Metrics and trends would be key to this, as would even richer history story and possibly some more notifiers (RSS?).

Mostly just saying "good work", now that I've finally got to use the latest stuff in anger.

--Dave Griffith


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