Problems Upgrading to 3602 Using MySQL

I am unable to upgrade from previous versions of TC to 3602. I'm using RHEL4 for the server.

I have problems (different problems) upgrading from both 1730 and 3414.

From 1730 - It says it cannot find the table "remember_me". The table does not exist in 1730. I don't know if the upgrader did not trigger and create the table, but something goes wrong.

From 3414, the problem I get is - Unknown column 'IS_CANCELED' in 'where clause'.

I can send more details or create a Jira issue if necessary. Just let me know.

I was able to start from scratch on a clean database.


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Hello Tim,

Which version of MysqlDB do you use? We tested upgrade only with 5.0.22.
The issue with IS_CANCELED is known for Mysql 4.11.

We'll try our best to verify next EAP upgrade in more combinations of database/TeamCity build.


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4.1.20 (default for RHEL4).

Upgrade failed again with 3654. remember_me missing.


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Hello Tim,

I have just tried to upgrade small database from 1.1.1 to latest Agra build (with MySQL 4.1) - and cannot reproduce the problem so far.

Can you please describe whether you did any backup/restore to the database and server config folder (.BuildServer) before upgrading?

e.g. "Table 'teamcitylatest.remember_me' doesn't exist" error can appear if .BuildServer version is newer then the database version. Could this happen to your configuration somehow?

Best regards,

Yegor Yarko
Quality Assurance Engineer
JetBrains, Inc
"Develop with pleasure!"

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Ahhh. That might be it. Here's what I think happened.

- Running 1.1.1.
- Tried to upgrade to 3602. See problems in first entry.
- This upgraded my .BuildServer directory, but failed with the database.
- Wiped database and started from scratch.
- 3654 comes out.
- Initialized database with backup from production 1.1.1.
- Tried to upgrade.

I can reset .BuildServer, also, just didn't realize I needed to.

I'll test it out with the next EAP. Reset .BuildServer to 1.1.1. Reset the database to 1.1.1. Upgrade.




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