TeamCity "Lite"?

Are there any thought to release something like "lite" version of TeamCity?
Our company unfortunately is not going to by TeamCity, and we have to look at really inferior products like cruise control, etc.. We even have inhouse-made "build robot" (with crippled UI but it does what we want)

It would be great if "lite" and free version of TeamCity existed, without cool features like deferred commits, plugins to IDEs, etc. It's less that we want but much better than crusecontrol...
What do you think? It's common industry practice and good way to advertising, anyway. It's not a secret that people (companies) who are "not going to pay for something if there is lots of free stuff around" will not bother visiting jetbrains web site.
If there was "lite" version, more people will be visiting the web site, somebody could learn about other products from jetbrains, etc..

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Perhaps also only allow the default build agent, instead of allowing the full grid?

--Dave Griffith


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